Using Targeted Recruitment to Grow

Your Staff are Your Business

Taking on staff is the biggest step you will make. You’re trusting them with your business and livelihood. Why take on second best?

Targeted Recruitment

We Headhunt talent for you, making sure that we get the right people to help you run your business, at any level.

Our Service

We look for individuals with the right skills, experience, knowledge and attitude to make your recruitment a success.  We make sure they have the right attitude and fit in well with your organisation’s culture. They have to be a ‘sticker’, we won’t give you someone that is likely to be searching the ads in six months, it’s not in our interests.

Our Headhunting team will look after you and take details of the position, salary, location and other working requirements.  We will put the word out and hunt down skilled staff at the level you require until we find and present the talent to you. There is no charge for the Headhunting service until we place them with you, searching is free.

Quality Guarantee

We are so confident that it’ll work, we guarantee it for six months! See our Quality Guarantee details

Optional Checks

We can check the candidate out on a range of services, most of them fast and online. These include as follows:

Integrity checks

Is that candidate who they say they are living where they say they live? We can find out more.

Anti-Money Laundering

Make sure that your new Contracts Manager is clear. It brings peace of mind when they are working with your money!

International Sanctions

Check that your new senior staff member is clear and that you’re not about to hire someone that has been prosecuted or banned from doing business abroad.

Fast DBS Checks

DBS checks are notoriously painful. Business owners need results, fast! This is where we can help, cutting weeks off the standard and Enhanced DBS timescales.

Right to Work in the UK

This is crucial. You might want to save time and embarrassment by doing this check before you make the offer of employment. We can check online.

Credit Checks

Most times, this isn’t needed. However, for some positions, it’s good to know that your new staff member isn’t in the middle of a debt crisis, especially if they are working with money.

Accreditation Checking

Need an accredited staff member? We can check them out to make sure that they are genuinely accredited. With CV ‘polishing’, many qualifications and accreditations claimed by applicants aren’t genuine. We can check accreditations, qualifications and give you the proof.