Tendering: Tender Writing

Quality Guarantee

We pick up clients that have been let down by poor quality Tender Writing elsewhere. These discussion show us how badly you’ve been affected. We are different.

Harris Associates are experts in tendering and provides a quality service. We are confident in what we provide and are the only Tendering Consultancy that offers you a Quality Guarantee.  If the quality of our work isn’t excellent, you don’t pay (subject to terms and conditions). Just ask us about this guarantee for further details.


We know what it takes to win tenders. We have unique client-side experience and understand how the client thinks and how weaknesses and problems can be mitigated within the bid.

Public and Private Tenders

We have plenty of experience in both the public and private tendering arenas. This means that we have built up partners and know where to find tenders.

Why are we different?

Most bid writers will make you as good as your opposition, we don’t.  Our aim is to make you better. If you don’t stand out, then you’re as good as everyone else tendering, and there’s no reason to give you the award.

Competing Against and Beating Bigger Companies.

This is our specialism. Getting to make a smaller company looking as good on paper isn’t enough, otherwise the award will always go to the big fish.

Imagine having a tendering team that will make you better than them, standing out for all the right reasons. That’s our job.

A Diamond Amongst Jewels

There are plenty of Bid Writers out there.  By definition, anyone that writes a tender or a bid can use that title, just the same as anyone that drives is a Driver. The key is, how many have client side experience? What is the largest amount of work they have won? What is the size of their company? Compare these against ours and see how they compare.