Tendering: Tender Management

Complete Tender Management

Imagine the freedom of growing your business through tendering, while you outsource the management of the complete function? We work with you to free you from the constant shackling that tendering places on you, so you’re free to run your business. We can look for the opportunities, both public and private, and filter them so you get the ones that suit the nature, scope and shape of your business. This way, you’ll only see the opportunities that suit you best.

Once you decide to run with it, we will manage the whole process on your behalf, keeping you updated with the process along the way. The only thing we ask you to do is to work on the costings. You know your margins, and are the best ones to deliver this side of the work. We will take your existing information and complete the rest of the bid, improving the quality and standards.

Emails and Communications

We will filter out the noise and low end communications, and answer them on your behalf. This way, we can save you time and unnecessary trouble. We will keep you involved with all key and important decisions.

Tender Submission

We will submit the tender on your behalf, and email you to advise that it has been submitted. Where paper or physical copies have to be submitted, we will arrange this, with evidence of sending, and evidence that it has been submitted before the closing date.


We can also represent with you at tender interviews. Having extensive client-side experience, we know how to get the most from them. We know how the client thinks, we know their worries, we know how to mitigate issues from their position. This is why we have only ever failed to win the contract once when we have attended interviews.