Tendering: Strategy

Why Develop a Strategy?

The key to effective growth is strategy.  Business Coaches have a mantra, ‘No plan – No future’. We help you develop that plan so you have a clear understanding of the way forward and why you are taking those steps. If you don’t have a strategy, key decisions and thinking isn’t focussed toward a direction and efforts are wasted.

Why it Works

The strategy will direct energy and focus thinking. To use the analogy, the whole process will pull the function towards a pre-determined set of goals. The plan is fluid and may change from time to time, but its presence will aid growth. Our involvement will ensure that you are in the best place at every step to be receptive to growth and get the most from it.

What Does the Growth Strategy Include?

The Growth Strategy is wider than just tendering. It has to be. If we are strategising the journey of your business, we need to include a range of options and methods, ensuring that we are open to development across the spectrum. Developing a single channelled growth strategy isn’t healthy and won’t  get the best out of your business, especially if we discover new ways for finding growth.

When Should it be Reviewed?

Usually, annually is perfect.  Most require a polish with subtle changes at most. Occasionally, some need a complete overhaul, Either way, it’s a healthy process to review and this ensures they are up to date and fresh. A stale strategy won’t grow your turnover.