Tendering: Searching

Tender Searching

Get the best from the process by getting us to search for opportunities for you. We spend 2 hours a week on your behalf looking for Tenders to suit your needs, meeting your Tendering Strategy.

Public and Private Tenders

Let us find opportunities for you, and bring both Public and Private opportunities to the table. Build your client base across a range of sectors, spreading your risk.

Strategic Plan

Working to your Strategy, we will look for targeted opportunities that will fit well into your bidding model. Whether you’re after the larger or smaller works, long/medium term contracts or short term supply we will deliver.

Sanity Checking

It isn’t in our interests to get you spending money where your chances are significantly reduced. Some clients weight tenders in their incumbent’s favour. Although it’s against the spirit of public sector tendering and the regulations they are bound by, we still spot this.  In such circumstances, we will show you what we have found and advise you not to proceed with the bid.