Tendering: Private Tenders


If you’re not looking for private opportunities, you’re losing out.  Public tenders aren’t every businesses ‘cup of tea’, but growth through tendering is a massive shot in the arm for company turnover, and the P&L account.


When tendering, it’s important to have a strategy in place. This way, you know what you’re targeting. Otherwise, it’s a little chaotic.

How do we Find Private Tenders?

Now this is the golden question! We have several strategies of our own:

  • We know where to find some
  • We partner with medium and large private clients for tender opportunities
  • We have key contacts, so we get ‘word of mouth’ notifications


There are key advantages of private tenders. Private clients are businesses, who think in a different way to the public sector. They are more open to ideas, innovation, risk and dynamic thinking.  One simple illustration is that public clients may not accept a bidder if the contract is 25% if the turnover. Conversely, a business client may be a lot more open to the fact that a business can gear up in a safe structured way that doesn’t really present too much of a risk. This is because they understand the risks of growth better and are less constrained by bureaucracy.