Tendering PQQ Writing

What is a PQQ?

PQQ stands for ‘Pre-Qualification Questionnaire’. It’s designed to help shortlist contractors and suppliers from a longer list, by weeding out the best from the rest. The client will want to tease out your experience, qualifications, size, accreditations, performance and credibility.

The reason the short listing takes place is that it gets rid of the companies that perform poorly on the quality marking. These include those without relevant experience, are of an inappropriate size or don’t have the right qualifications or quality systems to carry out the contract.

Why is Passing the PQQ Stage so Important?

This is the first stage of a two-stage tendering system. Most bidders will fail at this stage and fail to progress. Speak to most people that have given up on tendering and they will tell you how hard it can be to get past this. Harris Associates have a near-100% win record at pqq level. We know what it takes to get past the majority and win a seat at the final stages.

Once you get past this, you will get an opportunity at the ‘Invitation to Tender’ stage (known as ITT). Generally, only around six will go through from the original list, which could contain dozens of bidders. This also saves the client time in marking the final tenders, as they only have to concentrate on a small number.

I Have Trouble Passing PQQs

This isn’t permanent and can be rectified. We can complete a ‘Health Check’ and see why you’re falling short, and turn around performance to get you winning!