Quality Tendering Services

What’s the Harris Associates Secret?

There’s more to tendering than ticking boxes. That’s why we have a near-100% win rate at the first stage or PQQ level. We can work with you in the background to prepare you for the contest, making your chances escalate with our tendering services.

Chances of Winning

The average bidding contractor has a typical 1 in 15 change of winning. Our success rate is a lot higher. Your success rate depends on your accreditations, policies, company structure, quality systems, qualifications, experience, financial soundness and much more, not forgetting your price submission. Many businesses already switched on to tendering are a step ahead, but that’s where we come in. With our tendering services we can take your business to the next level.

How can Harris Associates Improve our Chances?

We help you to improve your systems, and the shape of your business. This way we can make sure it fits the profile best required by the client. This way, your business has the right image and shape for the bid. In some areas, we have a 100% win record at ITT stage.


Harris Associates have a wealth of client-side experience, both marking and evaluating tenders. This means we know what it takes to craft a winning bid.

Quality Guarantee

If we are preparing our first bid for you, we understand you might need reassurance of our standards. We will craft the bid for you to review in advance. If you are not 100% satisfied with the bid document, we have a quality guarantee. You won’t be charged. See our quality guarantee section for more details. We have won tenders to the value of £500 million, and this fact speaks volumes about our high standards.

Our Tendering Services

Tender Management

We can undertake a complete Tender Management service to suit your needs.  This is a complete service, which encompasses every facet of the process with the exception of pricing. Call us to find out how we can take the stress of tendering away from you.

Tender Searching

We can find you the opportunities to grow your business. This means that you can get the benefit of a dedicated Tender Manager looking for public and private tenders to suit the shape and nature of your business. We won’t spam you like the tendering websites do.

Growth Strategy

We will work with you to develop a strategy for growth. This will take into account tendering and cashflow to make sure you grow at the right rate.

Private and Public Tenders.

Most companies think of public tenders when expanding, but there are a wealth of private tenders that companies publish. These are more difficult to locate and many are issued to partners, like us and by word of mouth only.