Headhunting to Underpin Performance

Back in 2014, when I started up I saw the opportunity to bring client tendering skills and knowledge to the supplier. This allowed my clients to get the upper hand and punch very much above their weight.

headhuntingSuccess - The flipside
With every silver lining, there is a cloud. The downside of increased turnover is growing pains, the sort created by stretched resources, inexperience or new staffing. The last thing you need in a growing company is weak leadership or lack of skills to underpin the solid performance of the past. Failure to continue to deliver strong performance may lead to a reduction in the contract drawdown call-off or even losing the contract early. Another side effect is additional pressure on staff and management, which increases turnover and increases recruitment costs.

Our Solution
Director, Robert Harris spotted this weakness and hired a top industry Headhunter to assist growing businesses with quality staffing. Each client requirement would be noted and candidates hunted down, the best to be presented for interview. This service includes options to integrity check, fast DBS check and ensure that staff are qualified to work in the UK. This is backed with a warrantee to add confidence.

Bring Recruiting Success to You
Let us show you how we can deliver quality candidates, hunted down to your requirements. Call our Associate Kaz on 07828 813015 for more details.

Headhunting to Underpin Performance

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