Electronic Marketing

Electronic Marketing

Good marketing is the key for organic growth. Use the internet and social media to market your business.

Over the last 15 years, marketing has changed dramatically. Similarly, the types of opportunities have changed and what used to work a generation ago fails now. Many companies are simply following the sheep, or being guided by companies that have a vested interest in buying their marketing tools. Those companies won’t give you independent advice or support.

Like it or not, emails are an important tool for modern marketing. Over 90% of businesses don’t know how to get the most from this medium and get more sales from existing and new clients. Let us help you.

Creating the right website is crucial. It’s not about having a flashy, awe-inspiring set of screens. That may impress, but might be counter-productive for what you do. We understand what options there are in websites and how you need to present yourself. After all, a website is your digital ‘shop window’ to the world, get it wrong, and no matter how slick it looks, you’ll get less custom. We can learn more about you and your business so we can look at moving forward and growing your business.

This stands for Search Engine Optimisation. Few had heard of this until the winner of The Apprentice brought it to the mass attention of the public. There is plenty of ‘guff’ spouted about SEO, and builders can create pages that climb the Google rankings. The best way is through clever design that doesn’t compromise the look and feel of the page. Harris Associates tendering website WinMoreTenders.Com is in the Google Top-10 list for over 20 search terms. We can bring this technology and intelligence to you a lot cheaper than other solutions.

Digital Partners
Most companies stand-alone digitally. We work with partners to get the name of ourselves and our clients into the market space. Having a Partnered Philosophy, we work with you to improve your presence and increase sales.