Delivering Support While You Grow

Back Story

It was only while we were busy growing businesses that we saw they needed more help, this time with support services. They struggled to recruit the right type of managers and staff, and this dead time in recruitment caused our clients problems in stabilising the growth. This is why we added additional services to help underpin our good work and sustain the growth built.

Support Areas

Targeted Recruitment

Harris Associates employs a Headhunting team that specialises in getting the best resources. This can be everything from getting the right individuals with the right qualifications to making sure that their attitude, personality and ethos fits well into your business culture.

Debt Recovery

We work with partners that make sure that steps are taken to mirror the level of action required. This may even mean using (or threatening to use) enforcement as a means of action to recover debts. Our partners have a high level of success and are used by the BBC for their expertise.

Training Services

Being truly interactive with our businesses, we provide qualified trainers to deliver specialist training. This starts at tendering and business growth areas and can deliver any other subject in conjunction with our partners. Training is delivered at reasonable rates and can be bespoke where required.


We work closely with marketing support to make sure that companies like you are delivering an impact.  We improve your effectiveness and visibility in the market place. To be effective, we work out how you should be marketing and why. This will inform your marketing strategy and improve sales.

Web Design

Most companies build a website to look good. What designers don’t do is to look at your needs, market position and strategy and build a presence that reflects that need. To use a simple analogy, web designers will sell you a Mercedes executive car as a Director, when you actually need a van. Because it looks swish, people think it’s the right thing for the job, whereas the reality is somewhat different!