Planning Targets: How Bold do you go?


Picture the scene: I'd just joined an Alpha Group in Cardiff (I'd considered them expensive), and attended my first meeting as a member. We were going through a workshop on motivating staff to bring growth. The exercise called on me to pin my target to the mast and project what my turn over will be in 3 years....

Being a thinker, I analysed this, 3 years is 36 months, 12 quarters; That's not long at all in the grand scheme of things. But what do I say? Shall I pick something that I think it realistic? or shall I pick something that sounds incredible, something that would impress if I won the lottery? After scratching my chin a little, and a bit of wishful thinking, I eventually settled for £250,000.

planning targetsBeing an honest person, I declared that I wondered if this was ok, or wondered if I ought to be really pushing myself, after all, I'd just joined a group that promised challenge my thinking and double my turnover in 2 years. After a bit of quizzing from the Group Director, Cindy, I settled on £500k.

At this point, there were two of us working in the business, with a third about to come on board. I did wonder if I'd lost the plot a bit, but I do love a challenge! What I didn't see was the rapid expansion that was about to hit.

Being a Tendering Specialist, I help companies win tenders with low costs. A contractor that I regularly work with has grown to around four times the size with our help in just 18 months. Every time I spoke to their managers, they were struggling to find good Engineers, quickly. A sudden thought hit me during a telephone conversation and I decided to offer the services of my Business Consultant, a proven Head Hunter at low cost. After all, if we can help companies grow by also giving them the right human resources, that's a win-win. Our Consultant Kasim is a skilled recruiter with 20+ years experience, and has a kit of recruitment tricks and tips that astounded me.

The introduction proved remarkable. We found 2 quality Engineers at a reasonable salary in London in just 3 days. This had taken one agency 6 weeks, and they hadn't filled a single post. More Engineer requests followed, and more work came in from other companies. Our reputation exploded and it's meant taking on a second high quality Consultant. He started today.

Earlier, Cindy, the Alpha Group Director called about an incidental matter, and I recalled to her my quandary in December. What I thought initially was a fantasy target has become eminently tangible. All in just 4 weeks. She reminded me of how Alpha worked. It challenges and sews seeds, bringing out the best in business leaders. And, it was only about 9 months ago that I thought Alpha was a bit over priced!!

What have I learned from this?
Be bold, set strong targets and work hard to achieve them. Surround yourself with people that challenge you (in a good way), and above all, aim high in everything you do!

If you're based in or around Cardiff and want to know more about Alpha Group contact me, where I can pass their details.

Planning Targets

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