Sole Tradesman

Sole Tradesman

In 2019, we were contacted by a Stone Mason and ground worker. He was worried as his contract meant he had to go through a formal tendering process. The Mason identified that his skills were with his hands and not with words, while the thought of losing his main source of income was terrifying.

sole tradesman

We helped him to look at his business, how he operated and identified strengths that a small operator provided. We had to create a small number of policies and a business continuity plan to help him compete. Throughout the process, the sole trader was nervous, and a lot of time was taken (typically a daily phone call) in helping to support him.

We tailored a strong bid and submitted it, scoring second from over 20 contractors, with the rest of the top 10 being multi-million pound operations.

The Mason was delighted, and it has secured him a 4 year contract. The submission took 2 days.

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