Pest Control Company 2018

Pest Control Company 2018

In 2017 we were contacted by a pest control company that wanted to go for and win a large tender with a large metropolitan city. It was identified as a trophy contract that the company would like to win.

We looked at the contract and tender documentation and concluded that it was within their possibility based on size, structure and policy framework. We also identified that the potential client would see their structure positively.

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To start, we sent the company a request for their information, so we could populate the tender documentation, working our magic! Once completed, the documentation was sent back for checking and accuracy checking.

Next, we started working on the quality questions. We took their information, expanded on it, added the sort of wording and phraseology that local authorities like to see. We also worked in a load of positively structured language to help improve the chances of it succeeding.

We took the company through the PQQ (Pre-Qualification Questionnaire) stage, which can be the most difficult hurdle when large numbers are bidding, to the Tender stage. We got them short listed and they were interviewed, leading to a successful award. The contract is worth around £500,000.

The whole process took 3 days.

Since then, we have won further contracts for this company.

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