Maintenance Services

Maintenance Services

Harris Associates was contacted well in advance by a maintenance contractor in the Hampshire area. They wanted to win a local contract with a housing association that was being undertaken by a rival. Previously, they had been asked to conduct some small works for the client and wanted to take that big leap forward and win one of the two geographical lots on offer.

Being a small company, we worked with them to design a bid that would help them punch above their weight. This would significantly help improve chances.

We identified weaknesses, helped the company to plug those and crafted a really strong submission. The submission got to shortlist, the client was interviewed where they had to conduct a presentation of their business and how they proposed to conduct the work. They won not just one lot, but the whole contract. This was a significant contract in size, taking into account the size of the business, and it grew significantly overnight. The contract is worth around £400,000.

maintenance services

The company has since been able to take on more staff and a trainee, and is looking to grow further. The Managing Director has been very positive about not just the bid, but the care and support we provided in the whole process to prepare them for growth.

The submission took 3 days.

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