Laundry Hire and Cleaning 2018

Laundry Hire and Cleaning 2018

In 2018 we were contacted by a business that was struggling. Their Contracts Manager had been poached and took with them the top 30% of performing contracts. The Managing Director called Robert (our Director) for help.

They found a large laundry contract for a national leisure company and after conducting a ‘Health Check’, we concluded that we could proceed, making a few improvements to the company policy framework to boost chances. We helped create a small library of policies and a Business Continuity Plan.

In compiling the proposal for the prospective client, we found some nuggets that would demonstrate environmental sustainability, which the MD had not previously considered. We crafted the proposal and sent it across for checking and validation. The MD’s son, a procurement professional with an international company, praised us for the quality of the submission.

The contract was won, with the client giving additional sites on the strength of the proposal. The contract is worth around £750,000.

The whole process took 5 days.

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