K9 Security Case Study

K9 Security Case Study

K9 Security Services, Chippenham, Wiltshire

In 2015, we were approached by Director, Adrian May K9 to help with a tender. He was made aware of a tender with Oxford University for Security Services at the Bodlean Library in Swindon and neded the skills of a high quality bid writer to win it. Adrian found us on Google after completing a search.

After a discussion about the task and the services we provide, we agreed to take on the commission.

The Bodlean Library contains nearly 9 million books all of which are first edition, so Security and excellent service is paramount.

Harris Associates took K9’s information and crafted a detailed Invitation to tender document outlining them as a company and how they could undertake the contract.

The bid was shortlisted from a large list and K9 Director Adrian May was invited to interview. We were invited and employed to accompany him in order to develop the merits of the company. We were the last contractor to be interviewed with the rest being major national (and international) companies. Our task was to break the grip of the incumbent, multi-national contractor and prove that although small, we could deliver the contract seamlessly with added value.

We achieved this, and K9 were awarded the contract. Director, Adrian, thanked us and gave us a testimonial. He has indicated that although he doesn’t often tender, he will use us again. This was the first (and at the time of writing) the only time Adrian has outsourced tendering.

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