Anon Case Study

Anon Case Study

Our client is a national contractor, specialising in Mechanical and Electrical work. They knew the professional skills of Managing Director, Robert Harris before we went into business, and decided to look him up to help them.

They asked him to tender search for large scale opportunities. Robert delegated the searching to Tendering Associate, Chris Newman, who found a very large gas installation, servicing and maintenance contract worth around £500 million.

This tender was huge. It needed both domestic and commercial skills from the contractor, and a raft of current policies, procedures and strategies to ensure only the best were shortlisted.

We completed the Pre-Qualifying Questionnaire, which was more onerous than most tenders! We got through to the ITT (Invitation to Tender), which had a plethora of questions, and required a 50,000 word response. We completed this in just 6 days by working smart and being sharp. This saved the contractor a lot of money over what their in-house tendering team would have cost in just wages and overheads. Tenders like this usually take 3 weeks to complete.

We won the tender for them, and they are now working on that contract.

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