Tendering Health Check

Fitness to Tender

The whole point of tendering is that you’re in the best place to win. We can help early on by carrying out a ‘ Tendering Health Check ’. This is a mock PQQ scoring exercise where we evaluate the strength of your business with the systems and documents you can provide.  This allows you to work on your shortfalls and weaknesses at the earliest stage rather than falling short when bidding for that golden opportunity. We can carry this out for our new and current clients, or for companies that wish to tender in-house.

This is usually required just once. When this is completed, we will monitor standards as we work with you in bidding, and advise you when documents fall out of shape or start to lose their appeal in clients’ eyes.

Improving Standards

The aim of tendering is to put your business across in the best light. That is our expertise. We will inform you of shortfalls and weaknesses so that you can look at making improvements, either in-house or through ourselves. We can draft and polish your documents so they will complete favourably. We can also help you get accreditation and quality standards to shine.