Targeted Recruitment

Targeted Recruitment

Appoint skilled staff with the knowledge and skills to make an impact on your business and sustain your growth.

What is Targeted Recruitment?
This is more than general recruitment. We are not a Recruitment Agency, but we have a top Headhunter on board to hunt down and find the right staff for our clients. There are all sorts of leads put out in the marketplace, so that we get signposted to the best potential candidates. Once we find them, we narrow them down and chase the best.

The benefits are simple. It’s quick, direct and shortens the time taken to recruit. Unlike Agencies, that hold lots of general CVs, we prefer to hunt down the right individuals once you have told us about the position and details about your company. This means we won’t be blinkered by our own candidates, if we cannot find suitable candidates on the terms and conditions set, we will advise as such.

For certain roles, we can find excellent candidates within a relatively short period of time. We use a variety of ways, one is using some internet based software to assist.

Candidates must be a suitable character and personality, so that they fit in with the culture and nature of your business. We also make sure they have a history of steady employment and aren’t short-stayers. If we notice anything that we feel won’t fit, we will not pass details across.

Telephone Interview
We carry out a telephone interview to check a variety of information as well as the personality. We also confirm everything in the application to ensire there are no ambiguous points.

We can carry out some additional checks to add value to the application. All of them are fast checks, some can be done almost instantly.

Integrity Check
The Integrity check ensures that the candidate is registered and living at the address claimed. This is completed online.

Credit Check
On certain occasions, employers also want to credit check employees. This would be for financial positions or posts where a good credit record is required.

Fast DBS Check
The Data Barring Service (or the new version of the Criminal Records Bureau) is a check that makes sure that person isn’t registered for a crime that has a bearing on the role they are looking at. An Enhanced check is required for certain positions of responsibility, particularly when working directly with vulnerable adults or children. Usually, these checks can drag on, but we have a fast service that is quicker and cost effective, reducing wasted time. This is a postal service, but we have ways of shortcutting the process.

Right to Work in the UK
We can also check for the right to work in the UK. We can get this from the passport or driver’s license details over the phone by checking online.

Anti Money Laundering Check
Apart from advising that Money laundering regulations have not been breached, we also check international databases to see if they have been flagged as ‘At Risk’. This would demonstrate that they weren’t banned or prosecuted in an international court for similar offences.

Accreditation and Qualifications Check
Too often, candidates claim qualification and accreditations they are not entitled to. If the role needs the qualification, it’s important that it is checked out.

Whatever checks you have commissioned, they will be presented in a report to support the application.