Support: Targeted Recruitment

What is Targeted Recruitment?

This is something similar to headhunting. It’s a service tailored to suit you in order to select the right candidate for the role . We don’t just look at skills. We also check personality, enthusiasm, knowledge, dynamism, integrity, job history and make sure they are a ‘sticker’.  This isn’t about filling the role, its adding value to your recruitment exercise.

How Does it Work?

We hunt down the right candidates and select the best for you. Targeted recruitment works when its quick and dynamic. As we are hunting down established talent, they often don’t think about moving, but our persuasion puts them in a place where they have, for the first time in years, thought about new pastures. Now they have the seed in their head, they are ready to move. These are very marketable professionals that are highly sought after.  If we delay and prevaricate for too long, they will spot an opportunity elsewhere.

Where Does it Work best?

This strategy works really well for those positions where employees with the right skills are rare. We also find that the speed of the service helps shore up critical positions when key staff leave.

Are There Times That Targeted recruitment Doesn’t Work?

Yes. It doesn’t work where companies or Senior Managers are slow to make recruitment decisions. This is because it’s not like ordering from a catalogue, talent doesn’t hang around for long! The better the prospect, the quicker you have to act. Highly talented staff know they are good prospects, and get upset when companies ponder too long over their CV’s. They can withdraw their CV if they feel that they are not being paid due respect and decision making is taking too long.


This is our favourite example of where it works well. We grew one client’s business, winning them a 7m+ Gas Servicing and maintenance contract in London. They looked for 6 weeks for 2 engineers to cover this, to no avail. They wanted to pay reasonable salaries and wanted one to speak 3 Asian languages. We found those Engineers in 3 days of very intensive searching.

Support:Targeted Recruitment