Growth Tendering

Growth Through Tendering

Tendering is just one of a range of strategies to grow the turnover of a business.  As much as it is helpful to grow through tendering, it’s just one of a number of avenues. We can help identify opportunities for growth across the spectrum.

The Advantage of Winning a Tender

Any new contract should see a steady income and create extra income above existing turnover. This can create a stability of income to help push your business to the next level, if the contract is large enough. Use the exercise properly and you’ll learn a lot about your business and where you need to improve as you grow.

Public or Private?

The debate goes on, and each business has its own view on where it sees the best opportunity to grow. We can search for Public and Private tenders for you. We carry out weekly tender searching and typically commit 2 hours a week to your business. Checks occur from paid and free to view sites, with additional work taking place with our Partnered Clients from the private business world. This ensures that we have a stream of both public and private tenders for you.

Quality Tendering Services

At Harris Associates, we have a range of services we can offer that makes others look one-dimensional. It’s the quality of our services that sets us apart. We have a near-100% PQQ win record and a 100% win record of tenders over £50 million, with our largest being £500 million.