Growth Strategy

Growth Strategy

Goal Setting

Unless key targets are set, there is nothing to aim towards. We can help goal setting and look at the range of business growth options available. This will focus thinking and filter time-wasting opportunities.

Strategic Planning

Setting a goal is helpful, but the strategic planning around this is key.  If your goal is to ‘grow’, the strategy of how you’re going to achieve this is going to be a blueprint for success. To illustrate this, a goal of ‘travelling to London’ is in itself pointless, unless you know how you are going to travel.  We help to ensure that your goals and strategies are meaningful and achievable, no matter how challenging they are.

This stage can be much wider than the obvious, as there has to be an effective buy-in from other key staff, departments and strategic partners.

In planning your strategy, we look at you, as a company; your goals and how you need to evolve along that journey to ensure that you are in a fit shape to keep growing.

Good Strategic Planning will also help to build a platform that will provide a stable base and help reduce the risk in an economic down-turn.

Why Strategy and Planning is Important

Growing with the strategy of ‘winning tenders’ can be like strapping a 600 BHP engine into a tiny car. The Engine will rocket you forward, but the brakes, tyres, chassis and exhaust won’t be able to cope. Doubling or trebling the size of a company can be relatively easy, but can your business sustain that growth? We can help ensure you grow at the right speed or even gear up with the right systems in place to cope.

A new business opportunity, such as a new contract or tender, may not necessarily provide stability, and may actually destabilise a business. This instability can be minimised through effective planning.

Business Planning

The other reason that Strategy Planning is important is that it dovetails into your Business Planning and doesn’t cut across it. They need to work in harmony and support each other.  If you don’t have a sound (and recent) Business Plan in place, I’d recommend doing it. This document will illuminate the way ahead and show you what you need to do to go forward. Similarly, your Business Plan shouldn’t talk about growth unless there are plans in place to strategise this process, otherwise it’s a bland statement without substance.

Growth Champions

Part of the key of growth is having the right staff on board. This means that they have the right experience, training attitude and personality to take your business forward.  Many small businesses have key staff that are just happy with the way the company is. They hold an important role and recognise that if the business grows, they may see more senior managers employed that have the skills and experience to run a larger, slicker company. It’s important to engage these people early so they are supportive and encourage the growth instead of resisting it.


Planning the right systems at the right time is the best way of underpinning success. The right policies, audits, key performance indicators, feedback and communication channels, is vital. Without the right systems, potential (or current )clients will either see you as antiquated or as a risk, especially if they run a slick outfit themselves.