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Will Tendering suit my Business

Will Tendering suit my Business As a company that provides tendering to a wide raft of businesses in different sectors, there's one question that I rarely get asked. It's 'Will Tendering Suit My Business?'. Usually, Directors will have made up their own minds on the subject and acted accordingly.  Sometimes they spend loads of their…
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What is Tendering?

What is Tendering? I won't mind sharing with you, that I had a bit of a surprise this week. No, it wasn't one of them warm and cosy surprises, but an observation from a friend. She watched me talking to another businessman passionately about Tendering, and recognised the other party didn't understand what I was…
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Headhunting to Underpin Performance

Back in 2014, when I started up I saw the opportunity to bring client tendering skills and knowledge to the supplier. This allowed my clients to get the upper hand and punch very much above their weight. Success - The flipside With every silver lining, there is a cloud. The downside of increased turnover is…
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Avoid our Top 7 Costly Tendering Mistakes

Winning tenders is good, right? Well, only if you're making money at it. I have a nasty feeling there will be a few that will resonate with the contents as they read this article, but for the rest of you it's gold dust, especially if you're new to tendering! 1. Only Tender For What You…
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